Letter from the founder

If you have at least 30 days of sobriety and a sincere desire to work on your long-term recovery, Flynn Recovery Community (FRC) may be the place for you.

We are a 2-phase, integrative, holistic, extended-care recovery program that specializes in helping men to achieve their optimal health and recovery:

  • Phase I is a 3-month intensive residential program where men live together in a home environment and learn recovery skills.

  • Phase II is an optional 3-month step-up program which is supervised but less structured and is designed to assist residents in re-entry into society.

    Through individual and group counseling our residents will address clinical issues so that they can move forward in their recovery.

    Through Health & Recovery Coaching our residents will set goals and action plans designed to help them achieve healthier lives.

    Through various programs such as Yoga, regular exercise, meditation and spiritual growth, nutrition planning, food planning and preparation, situational processing, journaling, and 12-step fellowships, our residents establish evidence-based recovery tools as a part of their daily lives.

    Through diverse, off-campus day and overnight trips, our residents learn how to participate in non-substance using cultural, exercise, and other “socializing” activities.

    We are not for everyone, but if you meet our admission criteria (see Admissions tab) and sincerely desire to transform your life, let’s have a conversation. This program may be just what you want and need.

    Jim Van Hecke 

    Program Founder

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