Program Overview

Program Overview

Flynn Recovery Community is an integrative, holistic, extended-care recovery program that focuses on the entire person, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. Residents live together in a home-like environment and share duties such as cooking, cleaning, gardening and support of each individual's and the community's welfare. We are located in the beautiful Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Our residents enjoy the chance for daily life in a naturally healing setting within a supportive community.


Rules, responsibilities and obligations for living together in community

This is not a place just to reside in for a period of time while things settle down for you “out there.”  Rather it is a place to live with the intention of gaining tools and experience that will assist you in living a life of successful, sustained recovery.  As a member of Flynn Recovery Community there are certain rules, responsibilities and obligations that are necessary in order for this community to be all it can be for you and every other resident.

1. Respect for staff and each other is absolutely necessary.  Any disagreements should be quickly discussed and resolved.  The staff works as a team and talks daily about where we are as a program and how each resident is doing towards his individual goals. 

2. As a resident you are only at FRC for a limited amount of time and it is essential that, as much as possible, you be “present” in body, mind and spirit.  All residents at FRC are allowed limited access to telephone, television and computer—enough to stay “connected” but not so much as to distract you from being fully present.  Accordingly, access to telephone, television and computer is limited to non-program times, specifically from 5pm to 10 pm each day.  Television programming should be agreed to by all and computer use should be on a shared basis.  Telephone usage is limited to once a day for 15 minutes for each resident.  Any situation requiring additional usage should be cleared with the staff.  Staff reserves the right to limit computer use to proper programming, consistent with the purposes of this recovery community.

3.Rest is an important aspect of the health and wellness that we seek to practice at FRC.  Doors are closed and residents should be in their rooms by 10pm with lights out by 11pm.  This may be a good time to reflect on the activities of the day, journal and/or complete program assignments.  Any exception to this schedule should be cleared with staff.

4.All residents in the community are expected to share equally in the chores, such as food preparation, kitchen clean-up, house and yard clean-up and maintenance.  Beds should be made and rooms cleaned before the start of programming each day.

5.Family visits are allowed at specified times and always cleared in advance by staff.  There should be no unannounced visitors and no visitors are allowed on the 2nd floor at any time.

Staff is available to discuss any problem or situation that may require a deviation in the above rules. 

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